Manicures and Pedicures

Our Jessica Natural Nail Cultivist uses special Jessica products and massage techniques to leave your nails and hands/feet healthy and looking good while you feel relaxed and pampered.

A typical standard treatment will involve a full analysis of the condition of the nails and hands or feet. This determines what the nails are lacking – if they are dry, peeling, flaking, brittle, soft, ridged or normal ‘good’ condition. An appropriate treatment is chosen to suit the client’s needs and rectify the problem, or for those lucky ones that have nice, healthy nails, to maintain their health! This is followed by sanitization and exfoliation of the skin, a deep cleansing soak in the foot spa and removal of hard skin (in the case of feet), nourishment of the cuticles with enriched creams and oils, gently pushing cuticles back and tidying them up. Extreme moisturizing follows, hydrating the skin. We massage to help circulate the blood and leave your hands/feet smooth. We then shape off the nails, and apply polish, if required.

In a deluxe manicure or pedicure we incorporate the use of the lovely heated mittens or booties, allowing moisturizing creams to penetrate deeper into the skin. The massage is also more in-depth, massaging all the way up to the elbow in the case of manicures, and all the way up to the knee in the case of the pedicure. Additional treatments and hydrating masques for the hands and feet are also used.


A new soak off polish which sets in seconds under an LED lamp. This miracle nail colour will help your nails grow long & strong. No more leaving the salon with wet nails! It will last 2 or more weeks with no chipping, and an ultra-shine finish. Gelish can be soaked off in 5 mins leaving a healthy nail with no damage.

Dashing Diva

This is a french wrap manicure. A thin, flexible white plastic application designed to mimic polish in French manicures. Non chipping, fast drying, non smudging, perfect smile lines and a simple application.